History of the brewery

Written by Jaroslav Kutílek ml.. Posted in History of the brewery

Our "distillery" started beer production 1st October 2010, therefor it changed the name to "Kutilek's distillery and brewery". We mainly brew non-filtered lager beer using high quality Czech resources. Our beer brewing device has been specially modified for this kind of beer, which makes it a unique device in Czech Republic. Produced beer is not pasteurized or stabilized; no chemicals are used during the whole brewing process.

Our biggest success is the golden beer medal award we got for semi-dark pilsner lager.

Every year during summer We open our stall sale in the brewery, where we serve our beer and refreshments for tourists. It is very popular among cyclists, because it is located in the main cycle track going through the whole Czech Republic.

We sell our beer in 15, 20, 30 and 50 l KEGs, which can be rented for a deposit. Newly We offer our beer in 1,5 l PET bottles.

Our no name beer has been unofficially called "Iron mountain lager" in 2011.

Stall sale


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    Czech Republic
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