History of the distillery

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Fruit brandy production started in Czech kingdom in 14th century in a town called Kutna Hora. First brandy was made mainly from wine of bad quality, but the final product was surprisingly good. Fruit brandy was getting more and more popular. In 19th century it was registered up to 243 distilleries. Each family could make up to 50 liters of brandy in registered distillery without paying any taxes until 1918. This has changed during communism. Government didn't support this tradition at all. After Velvet revolution in 1989 fruit brandy production in small distilleries has been growing up rapidly even though the maximum amount of produced brandy per family is 60 liters, which is taxed with only 50% discount.

Actual situation

Production of fruit brandy is mainly the domain of Moravia, mostly near the town called Uherske Hradiste. In Bohemia this service was usually  provided by the big fruit spirits distilleries. Moravian type distilleries  began to emerge after 1989 in Bohemia. And since they have their own fermentation tanks, where they can supervise the fermentation process, it ensures the optimum quality of the distillate.

Our distillery

Kutílek's distillery was founded in 1992 as one of the many new ones that were formed in 1989 as a result of the industry downturn services during the communistic regime. Our distillery gets into people's consciousness, increasing annually the amount of brandy produced.

Now we are offering services to local farmers and individuals. We can process up to 120 tons of fruit per season. Fermentation takes place in 9 or stainless steel tanks vysmaltovaných. The distillate is produced in two distillation boilers, Raw Materials (250 liters) and rectification (120 liters). After burning a spirit collect growers in their own containers. Processing ferment individually perform only a limited extent and by appointment. 

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